Meet the team

The idea 


         In 2006 we decided to start our project. IKEA had landed in Spain offering furniture and decorative items with very practical and contemporary designs at incredible prices and that could take you home on the same day. 

         Everything seemed advantages but soon began to realize that buying IKEA could become a "memorable" experience. After move to the store, take note of the items, confirm that any of the furniture we wanted to buy was exhausted, walking corridors carrying huge trolleys, finally put the purchase in transportation, etc ... we left the store and many exhausted sometimes frustrated. 

         But he had not finished the experience, there was still staying at home waiting for hours for the carrier we deliver the goods, check with horror that had a screw mount furniture we wanted and having to IKEA to solve the problem.

Our services

  • We visit the space (home, kitchen, office, etc. ..) to know the needs and tastes of our customers and measures. 

  • We prepare a budget that includes the price of the furniture and our service. 

  • We buy, transport and assemble furniture. Install cabinets, frames, curtain rods, lamps, mirrors, etc ... 

  • We provide the space ready for use and in record time.  

Our clients  


  • Homeowners or renters who need a solution to furnish your home quickly and without a large investment. 

  • Developers who need to furnish a Show Flat.   

  • Owners who want their properties back to be spotless everytime they change tenants.

  • Real Estates and individuals who want to show their properties in the best condition in the market and thus attract more visitors/buyers.

  • Foreign clients who need to be INSTALLED in their flats when they arrive in the new place. We prepare the draft agreement with the client through the website of IKEA.  

  • Individuals who need IKEA furniture and havent got a store close to their place. 

  • Individuals who will renew their kitchens and wardrobes. 

  • Companies, houses, offices, cottages and public spaces that want to use the quality, speed and price of furniture from IKEA.          


Our experience

          Building with 32 houses for rent (Conde Orgaz) (Madrid, Spain)

          Building with 24 houses for rent (Alicante, Spain)

          Building with 16 houses for rent (Embajadores) (Madrid, Spain)

          Building with 8 houses (Barajas) (Madrid, Spain)

          More than 300 projects conducted comprehensive.



Besides: offices, flats, cottages, school libraries, etc. 


Envío de fotografías, planos y medidas de la vivienda

Preparación de un presupuesto que incluye el precio de los muebles y nuestro servicio

Gestionamos el transporte y montaje con empresas externas

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